We will work with you to create a seamless and secure IT system that works effortlessly for your business.

Our team can assist your clinic in EMR/PM selection and even schedule and manage vendor demonstrations. We can evaluate your existing infrastructure and information systems, and implement the necessary changes to ensure a reliable outcome. We can manage and deploy all aspects of a clinic’s information-system infrastructure. We will plan the project, document that planning process, and ensure you are informed every step of the way. We can source the hardware and software required by your chosen system on your behalf. We will offer suggestions regarding system brands based upon our experience, the system specifications and reputation, and system maintainability. After the system has been implemented, we will supply comprehensive system documentation to offer you the ability to be as independent as you want regarding the ongoing management of your new system.


Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

The planning phase is the most extensive and time-consuming portion of the implementation process. Planning provides a great opportunity to map out the entire process, which may include conversion of data from paper charts and defining information to be converted, software and hardware testing and more.


The success of the EMR adoption is an empowered staff.


Schedule the ‘go-live’ in close proximity to the end of the training session. Try to avoid a long delay between the training sessions and the ‘go-live.’ (No more than a week should be allowed between the end of training and the ‘go-live.’) This timing will ensure better retention of the information.


We can monitor every aspect of your network including mission-critical application and file servers, key workstations, network devices and even printers.

When monitoring any of these devices, our technicians will be pro-actively alerted to any issues the instant they arise – not to mention being alerted of potential issues that can be assessed and resolved before you and your staff are even aware of such problems.