IMS Northwest represents quality information system management where data security is critical. Like many in the healthcare, financial and real estate communities that we help, we know your business seeks secure and flawless IT management. We understand reliable, consistent and professional data management and we look forward to helping you run a steady and secure business.


Protecting the Medical, Dental & Veterinarian Industries

Medical professionals need reliable IT systems. IMS Northwest healthcare IT support makes every aspect of patient care more integrated, efficient, safe and accurate. Our experienced team of customer-centric professionals will work closely with you, ensuring all medical records are secure. All records will be easily available whenever needed and our monitoring systems will perform automatic constant backups and keep your Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s) secure.


Protecting the Financial Sector

IMS Northwest provides local and regional banks, credit unions and financial institutions with IT services, security audits, compliance requirements, and assist with the remediation process. We can even review and perform physical security audits if necessary.

Real Estate

Protecting the Real Estate Sector

We create IT efficiencies to help grow your real estate business. Our managed IT services empower you with the flexibility and customization of an outside provider and the money saving advantages of time and personnel maximization. Imagine not having the headaches of network development, maintenance, communications, data management and more.